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Best Practices for Quality Management according to ISO 9000


The Wiki of Quality Management and ISO 9000



This TQM Wiki provides the essential information about the Quality Management Best Practices, the methodology of Process Oriented Quality Management and ISO 9000.


The information presented here is provided by Dipl.-Ing. Walter Abel Management Consulting, the creator of the well known and international practically proven ISO 9001:2015 Process Library based upon the Signavio Process Manager, respective Software AG ARIS.



The Content of the TQM Wiki


► What is Quality Management

Basics of ISO 9000, the requirements and the benefits

     (according to ISO 9000)?

► All Processes of Quality Management

A complete description of all processes of QM

     (according to ISO 9000)?

► All Roles of Quality Management

Explanation of roles QM including responsibilities and tasks

     (according to ISO 9000)?

► All Documents of Quality Management

Glossary of documents in QM including their contents

     (according to ISO 9000)?

► Key Performance Indicators

Proposals for Key Performance Indicators for the processes of QM

     for Quality Management

Under Construction

This Wiki is under development for the time being - come back soon!

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