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Management of Test Equipment

Best Practice according to ISO 9001



The processes of test equipment management provide for

  • the organization of test equipment management

  • the operational handling of it. 


Management of Test Equipment is part of Operational Quality Management Processes.


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TQM Processes for Management of Test Equipment in Detail


QM Process Library

Expected Process Outcome



Organization of Management of Test Equipment

Procedures for the management of the lifecycle of test equipment defined



Operational Management of Test Equipment

All test equipment in controlled and documented operation


Main information flows and interfaces for the Management of Test Equipment

Processes for the Management of Test Equipment

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(Documents within information flows only visible in our TQM Process Collections)


Responsible roles of the Management of Test Equipment


Quality Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

User of Test Equipment

Staff Member Calibration

Workshop (internal or external)

External Calibration Laboratory


Performance indicators of the Management of Test Equipment


KPIs of the Management of Test Equipment


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